Faculty Roster

Marianna Adler, Ph.D.

Candidate's and Consulting Analyst adlerphd@gmail.com1500 West 38th St., Suite 49 Austin, TX 78731Phone: 512-453-9225Fax: 512-453-7899

Asli Baykal PhD, LCSW

911 W 29th StAustin, TX 78705aslibaykal@gmail.comPhone: 617-580-5291

B. James Bennett, IV, M.D.

Candidate's and Consulting Analyst in Adult, Child and Adolescent Analysisjbennett104@sbcglobal.net8340 Meadow Road, Suite 236Dallas, TX 752311Phone: 972-233-5455Fax: 972-490-3567

Tanya Bennett, M.D.

bentanya@gmail.com6750 West Loop South, Suite 745Bellaire, TX 77401Phone: 713-664-4463 or 713-409-6702Fax: 713-664-4493

Joan E. Berger, Ph.D.

Consulting Analyst in Child and Adolescent Analysisjoanberger@gmail.com6390 LBJ Fwy, Suite 107Dallas, TX 75240Phone: 972-239-9014Fax: 972-239-4760

Efrain Bleiberg, M.D.

Candidate's and Consulting Analyst in Adult, Child and Adolescent Analysisebleiberg31@gmail.com2211 Norfolk, Suite 500Houston TX 77098Phone: 832-767-4549

Beverly Bontrager, LCSW

bkbontrager@mac.com 4200 Montrose, Ste 510Houston, TX 77006713-858-3221

Daniel M. Brener, M.D.

Candidate's and Consulting Analystdmbrenermd@cs.com3730 Kirby Drive, Suite 700Houston, TX 77098Phone: 713-528-5085 or 713-582-9664Fax: 713-528-5087

Sharon W. Chada, Ph.D.

Vice President - CFPS Board of Directorsdrchada@yahoo.com77 Sugar Creek Center Blvd. #375Sugar Land, TX 77478Phone: 281-494-8666Fax: 281-265-5127

Kim Copeland, Ph.D.

kimcopelandphd@gmail.com4500 Bissonnet St., Suite 345Bellaire, TX 77401Phone: 713-206-0650

Holly Crisp, M.D.

hollycrisphan@crisphan.com 4306 Yoakum Blvd. Ste. 535Houston, TX 77006 Phone: 713-665-1602 Fax: 713-665-1601

E. Kirsten Dahl, Ph.D

Consulting Analyst in Child and Adolescent Analysisekirstendahl@gmail.com129 Church St., Suite 308New Haven, CT 06510

Jay Alan Davis, M.D.

Candidate's and Consulting Analyst in Adult, Child and Adolescent Analysisjadavis1000@gmail.com419 Brady LaneAustin, TX 78746-5501Phone: 512-306-0050Fax: 512-306-0015

Sally Davis, Ph.D.

Candidate's and Consulting Analyst sallydavis2012@gmail.com3000 Weslayan, Suite 255Houston, TX 77027Phone: 713-960-8684Fax: 713-552-9522

Dania Eldandashli, LPC

dandashli.dania@gmail.com816 HawthorneHouston, TX 77006Phone: 281-888-2806 or 832-605-8457Fax: 713-463-6661

Robert Feinstein, M.D.

feinster@RobFeinsteinMD.com 521 Rock Rimmon Rd Stamford, Ct 06903Phone: 303-815-6934

Glen O. Gabbard, M.D.

Candidate's and Consulting Analyst glen.gabbard@gmail.com 6750 W. Loop South, Suite 460Bellaire, TX 77401Phone: 713-665-1607Fax: 713-665-1601

Sharon L. Gerber, L.C.S.W.

sharongerber46@gmail.com5610 Grape StreetHouston, TX 77096Phone: 713-527-4300Fax: 713-667-3619

Jean M. Goodwin, M.D., M.P.H.

Candidate's and Consulting Analyst jmgoodwin@aol.com4925 Fort Crockett Blvd., Suite 510Galveston, TX 77551Phone: 409-762-1101 or 409-771-1474Fax: 409-762-1163

Gregory D. Graham, M.D.

Candidate's and Consulting Analyst gregorydgraham777@gmail.com4544 Post Oak Place, Suite 373Houston, TX 77027Phone: 713-622-5430Fax: 713-622-3888

Rion N. Hart, Ph.D.

Clinical Assistant ProfessorMenninger Dept. of PsychiatryBaylor College of Medicinerionhart1@gmail.com1215 BarkdullHouston, TX 77006Phone: 713-522-3133Direct:713-524-2780
Catherine A Henderson, Ph.D.Consulting Analyst in Child and Adolescent Analysiscahenderson@earthlink.net9109 N.E. 13th StreetClyde Hill WA. 98004Phone: 206 979-7781

M. Cristina Ivan, MD

vanluck1999@yahoo.com3355 W. Alabama, Suite 1180Houston, TX 77098Phone: 713-942-0538

M. Sagman Kayatekin, M.D.

Staff Psychiatrist and Associate ClinicalProfessor of Psychiatryhakamesk@gmail.com or dr@mskayatekinmd.com6750 West Loop South, Suite 525Bellaire, TX 77401346-240-3787The Menninger Clinic12301 South Main St.Houston, TX 77035Cell Phone: 413-478-7641

Cynthia Lee, Ph.D.

Candidate's and Consulting Analyst cynthialeephd@gmail.com4131 Spicewood Springs Rd # K-8Austin, TX 78759Phone: 512-923-2632

Kacie Campbell-Liput, LCSW

kacieliput@sbcglobal.net 3355 W Alabama StHouston, TX 77088Phone: 713-828-8603

Randall Matthews, M.D., Ph.D., J.D.

Candidate's and Consulting Analyst randallmatthews@hotmail.com4200 S. Shepherd, Suite 208Houston, TX 77098Phone: 713-522-6790Fax: 713-522-6782

Richard G. Michael, Ph.D.

Candidate's and Consulting Analyst RMichaelphd@gmail.comMember, Executive Council; Chair, Curriculum Committee1500 West 38th Street, Suite 49Austin, TX 78731Phone: 512-453-7879Fax: 512-453-7899

Lisa Anne Miller, M.D.

rdmlam@aol.com3642 University Blvd., Suite 250Houston, TX 77005Phone: 713-927-9365

Barbara J. Mosbacher, Ph.D

bmosbacher@bmosbacher.com2211 Norfolk, Suite 990Houston, TX 77098Phone: 713-807-7400

Cynthia I. Mulder, LCSW

Secretary - CFPS Board of DirectorsCmulder.lcsw@gmail.com2211 Norfolk, Street, Suite 755Houston, TX 77098Phone: 832-712-5443

William A. Myerson, Ph.D., M.B.A.

Candidate's and Consulting AnalystThe Sigourney Award Trust Trustee, Emeritus wmyerson@wmyerson.com 4203 Montrose, Suite 370Houston, TX 77006Phone: 281-546-3283

Cynthia B. Playfair, M.D.

Candidate's and Consulting Analyst cyndyplay@gmail.com 2525 Wallingwood Drive, Suite 7DAustin, TX 78746Phone: 512-327-4400Fax: 512-329-5108

Felecia R. Powell-Williams, Ed.D., L.P.C-S, RPT/S

President - CFPS Board of DirectorsCandidate's and Consulting Analyst in Adult, and Child Consulting Analystfwilliams119486@prodigy.net3100 Richmond Avenue, Suite 105Houston, TX 77098-3047Phone: 713-524-9411Fax: 713-524-5849

Cecilia Samish, LCSW

csamish@hotmail.com 10303 Willowgrove DrHouston, TX 77035Phone: 713-661-4332

Hinda B. Simon, J.D., L.C.S.W.

hindasimon@aol.com4119 Montrose Blvd, Suite 150Houston, TX 77006Phone: 713-799-8671Fax: 713-799-1075

Alana R. Spiwak, M.D.

Candidate's and Consulting Analyst Treasurer - CFPS Board of Directorsaspiwakmd@gmail.com3355 West Alabama, Suite 1225Houston, TX 77098Phone: 713-874-1892Fax: 713-874-1894

Catherine D. Stevenson, M.D.

Faculty Chair - CFPS Board of Directorscatherinestevensonmd@gmail.com4203 Montrose, Suite 440Houston, TX 77006Phone: 713-526-3688Fax: 800-863-0263

Karen R. Strupp, Ph.D.

Candidate's and Consulting Analyst Faculty Liaison - CFPS Alumni Groupkrstrupp@aol.com2430 Sunset Blvd.Houston, TX 77005Phone: 713-522-9022 Fax: 713-520-6001