Alumni Group Round Table Discussion Series

Saturday, May 22, 2021 9:0 am to 12:15 pm CST


Online Clinical Conference

Human Intimacy and Sexuality: The Too Muchness of Excitement

Presented by:

Galit Atlas, PhD

This conference will explore the relation between sexuality and attachment, both as separate and related phenomenon. The clinical cases presented will be used to address difficulties around the modulation of excitement, as well as patterns of distress and regulation that are observed in current infant research. We will focus on the developmental trajectory of sexuality, including the classic themes of overstimulation, seduction, and betrayal in the early relationship to the mother. Particular attention will be given to the details of clinical work with overtly sexual material and with the analyst’s own sexual subjectivity. This conference is intended for clinicians with a beginning to advanced level of understanding of psychoanalytic theory.

Learning objectives: After attending the conference in its entirety, participants will be able to:

1) Describe a potential impact of early attachment on adult sexuality.

2) Identify a moment in the case presented representative of a relational orientation.

3) Analyze patterns of distress and regulation presented in a case.

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