Alumni Group Round Table Discussion Series

March 06, 2020 11:30 am to 1:00 pm

CFPS Library - 900 Lovett, Houston, TX 77006

Online Treatment: Theoretical and Ethical Considerations

Randall Matthews, MD, JD

This discussion will examine the pros, cons, and ethics of online treatment. Analysts have been slow to embrace technology, which has been attributed to the older age of the average psychoanalytic practitioner, but also reflects concerns about the distortion of the treatment frame and the capacity to foster a genuine analytic process. Given that much of what happens in treatment occurs at a nonverbal, implicit, procedural level, Mary Bayles suggested that Skype sessions cannot replicate the value of meeting in person, based on her own experiences. Nonetheless, online treatment offers some logistical and therapeutic benefits, illustrated in Mikita Brottman’s case of a young adult who was self-conscious about discussing her problems face to face. Jill Scharff has been one of the more vocal analysts in supporting telephone and online analysis in underserved areas and as a means of continuing treatment when the analyst or patient cannot come to the office. Her article includes a number of clinical vignettes.

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