Alumni Group Round Table Discussion Series

December 06, 2019 11:30 am to 1:00 pm

CFPS Library - 900 Lovett, Houston, TX 77006

When Ideas Won't Flow: Writers' Block

Marianna Adler, PhD

This discussion will focus on the phenomenon of writers’ block and explore various dynamics underlying it. Adrienne Harris used poet Sylvia Plath as an example to illustrate women’s creative inhibitions relating to conflict with mothers and female mentors. Marianna Adler’s article explored the anxiety that can paralyze the creative work of a writer and, similarly, the creative work of an analysand. In the case of her patient, Adler suggested that the presence of a good-enough object permitted both types of endeavors to proceed. Sylvia Flescher’s article described how the transgenerational transmission of trauma, specifically, her father’s experience as a Holocaust survivor and his unfinished mourning, contributed to her own struggles with muteness. A significant family event, witnessed online by a supportive community, helped Flescher to find her voice and write an article memorializing her parents and lost relatives.

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