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Post date: Jan 30, 2019 5:35:59 PM

Felicia Powell-Williams, EdD, LPC

Cultural Biases Underlying Psychoanalytic Theory

Lynne Layton proposed that identity has both oppressive and facilitating characteristics. She suggested that inequalities in the social world may produce narcissistic wounds that are then enacted by patient and therapist. Through a variety of enactments with an Asian American patient, Layton began to recognize the unconscious racial and cultural biases underlying some “basic” psychoanalytic ideals, such as independence, happiness, and love. Sue Grand similarly used a clinical impasse in an extremely poignant case to examine the philosophical premises and cultural biases within the foundations of psychoanalytic theory. Her patient had a collectivized self, but no individual psychology. His Christian worldview collided with the Jewish ethos of psychoanalysis. Grand concluded that we need to reconceptualize our understanding of the psychoanalytic subject.

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